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Virtual Services


The new website of the Friends and Sponsors of the Socratic Conversation (FFSG) presents the activities of the association in English and German. Automated forms facilitate the quick processing of inquiries.

What’s Involved?

Modular WordPress websites, online shops, VOD, ticketing and booking platforms for SMEs, culture, associations, artists and individual entrepreneurs > ALL INCLUSIVE.

We host your project, manage your domains and emails and guarantee a secure and easy to read environment on all devices. Our hosting server (Infomaniak) is located in Switzerland.

R2Y Mediamatik virtual services with personal assistance also on site. Development at a flat rate, then support 85 CHF/h.

Project Brief

Written & visual description

Project Planning

Planning (including training) of the project

Execution and Post

Implementation, training and personal support


Do I have to have a domain and hosting?

We set everything up for you. We manage your domains, your hosting and the associated mail addresses. You own the domains and receive specific access.

Can I edit my website?

It is important to us to keep the costs for your website low. Therefore, we train you as far and as well as possible so that you can work on your website almost independently. You will receive specific access to this.

Where is the website hosted?

Your website is hosted by Infomaniak AG in Switzerland. Infomaniak offers WordPress optimised hosting and additional features such as newsletter, webmail, streaming, VOD and specific SEO tools.

Is my website safe?

R2Y Mediamatics secures your websites with two different firewalls and malware protection systems. There are daily backups on two different platforms and your website can be restored at any time. For your own security, you receive specifically configured access to this.

Is data protection ensured?

R2Y Mediamatics creates annually updated data protection guidelines DSGVO. Your website will be configured the way you want it from the very beginning. Basically, we at R2Y Mediamatics think that the internet is about providing exciting content and less about retrieving as much data as possible.