R2Y is proud to be part of the Sihlcity Christmas animation 2023 and is presenting an exclusive showreel of exciting event animation projects from recent years on this occasion.

As an expert in tailor-made event animations, R2Y develops impressive visual effects that never cease to amaze audiences. Thanks to the specific production environment, R2Y is able to mimic specific event parameters and adapt multimedia to any desired situation. Whether it’s a festive Christmas party, a glamorous gala or even a breathtaking concert, R2Y transforms any event into a captivating visually animated experience.

Sihlcity Christmas Animations 2023
VJ R2Y: Spaceship Atmosphere
Black Box Film Production, HKB Bern

This compilation consists of a mix of scenic material from the piece “Last Days of Mankind” by Karl Kraus. The piece reflects the staged media reporting in the First World War. The scenes were filmed in a black box, i.e. with a black background. The film «Wittgenstein» is a great example of this. In between, atmospheric images and animations of black and white nature flow. Parts of the film were recorded live on stage using VJ software. («Far from pride and weakness», 2017, 9’49min)

Black Box Film Production, HKB Bern (encore)
Logo Animation Industry Night Switzerland
Short film Industry Night+ 2019
Short film Industry Night 2017