At R2Y Mediamatik, we strive to provide the best possible support to our clients and are constantly developing our offerings.

We have recently made new features available in terms of data protection. With the new Real Cookies Banner plugin and the privacy templates we have adapted, we have created an optimal solution for you as a client to be secure. Data protection requirements are very complex and could lead to the closure of some websites. With us, you don’t have to worry. Because data protection is our top priority!

We now offer all our clients a range of exciting possibilities with the plugins from MEOW is a French programmer and photographer who has settled in Japan. In addition to his exciting photos, he has developed a series of plugins exclusively for our R2Y Mediamatik clients. This includes plugins like the fantastic Social Engine, which allows you to manage your social networks directly from your website, or the AI-SEO Kiss plugin, which automatically adjusts search engine entries to make your website easily found. The Photo Engine plugin should also be mentioned. Photo Engine automatically synchronizes Lightroom photos with your WordPress website. All images remain linked and can be edited and updated at any time. This is very practical when working with many images and always wanting to maintain an overview. Visit the website If you are interested in any plugin, don’t hesitate to contact R2Y Mediamatik. All plugins are free for you. Installation is done at the usual hourly rate.

Richie’s online school is here! The course offering is constantly expanding. Richie’s online school offers exciting courses in a blended learning format. We also offer specific courses and support if your children cannot go to school. Schools and institutions can create a real online learning course as a class in Richie’s online school. If you have any other suggestions or requests regarding the online school, feel free to contact us.

You may have already noticed. With the new billing system, you will no longer receive automated emails from us. The new system facilitates precise calculation of hours worked. A QR code has been integrated to facilitate payments. If desired, we always attach a detailed invoice to our bills.