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The new website of the Friends and Sponsors of the Socratic Conversation (FFSG) presents the activities of the association in English and German. Automated forms facilitate the quick processing of inquiries.

Milani’s haute couture not only looks top class. It’s so comfortable that you just don’t want to wear anything else. R2Y Mediamatics Super Support.

Watercolors: Abstract, Landscapes, Figures, Portraits, Urban by the architect and painter Vander Lemes.

The Swiss architect & photographer Francis Schmutz presents series and collections from more than 35 years of intensive photographic work. WordPress Training and R2Y Super Support.

Clear and simple website with atmospheric images of the Bern region. Today, the association manages the website independently.

G.J.Lischka’s Mind Art timeline shows his entire artistic work like a walk through his brain. Lischka was well trained and almost runs his Mind Art Studio himself.

The website of Entwicklungsraum Thun is intended to make the dynamism of the organization tangible. WordPress training included.

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