R2Y Mediamatik manages two artistic family collections. These include a small collection of images by Fernand Schmutz, which was published on the website fernandschmutz.ch shortly after his death. The images are not for sale. However, digital prints can be ordered. Please contact R2Y Mediamatik.

The complete photographic work of Fernand Schmutzs recently deceased brother, Francis Schmutz, architect & photographer from Bern, is currently being revised and will soon be republished on foto-tableaux.com. Most recently, Francis Schmutz published the website bild-bio-grafik.ch.

The in-house R2Y Fotomat collection consists of architectural and travel photography and deals exclusively with light and its effects. The Tuscan autumn light around Florence as an example, which is cast between dark storm clouds on the angular and smooth stones of the facades and illuminates the geometry of history.