The future of learning is undoubtedly digital. Richie’s Online School offers primary school students a unique and exciting learning experience that far surpasses the traditional classroom experience. With interactive lessons, personalised pacing and a flexible learning environment, Richie’s Online School is the perfect choice for primary school students who are ready to explore cyber school. So grab your virtual backpack and dive into the exciting world of e-learning with R2Y Mediamatik!

Digitalisation has revolutionised many areas of our lives, and learning is no exception. Richie’s online school offers not only an interactive learning experience, but also exciting e-learning projects for the whole class. Divided into groups, we create a real e-learning course together on site and share it free of charge with all primary schools around the world. For example, interactive lessons and puzzles can be developed. The basic wood course, which includes all interactive options and is didactically well structured, serves as a template. We can even translate courses together and offer them in another language. There are many possibilities! If you as a primary school or teacher are interested in developing a real e-learning course with a class, you are welcome to contact us:

Cyberschule mit R2Y Mediamatik: Schnapp dir deinen virtuellen Rucksack!

Richie’s online school turns learning into an exciting adventure. Richie’s online school offers students the opportunity to leave the traditional classroom behind and immerse themselves in the exciting world of cyber school. We offer all our courses in a blended learning format, which means that half of each course takes place as a supervised online self-study phase on our learning platform, while the other half is delivered as face-to-face online training. We offer specific homeschooling courses and if your children are unable to go to school or are hospitalised with a broken leg, Richie’s online school will take over and plan the timetable together with you. With Richie’s online school, all this is possible and much more. Grab your virtual backpack and get ready for a learning experience like no other!

Example basic course wood

Richie’s online school not only offers an interactive learning experience, but also a flexible and personalised learning environment. Primary school students can choose their own pace, repeat or skip certain topics and even set their own learning goals. The platform is available around the clock, so students can study at any time of the day or night. No more fixed timetables or feeling like you have to understand something in a certain amount of time.

Example basic course wood

The future of learning: Richie’s online school (e-learning)